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Blender Cottage Cheese Cake

Posted by: butterfly
I have had this recipe for years. It's so easy and quick , light and lovely and perfect for a dairy ... more


Posted by: jrt
Great with your favorite fruit topping. ... more

Cheese Blintz Cake

Posted by: jrt
Easy to make and always enjoyable. ... more

Cheese Blintz Souffle

Posted by: jrt
This is an easy preparation that's always popular. Use cheese blintzes or substitute fruit filled bl ... more

Cheese Blintzes

Posted by: jrt
This blintz recipe doesn’t involve rolling crepes so you might find it easier to make. Serve hot ... more

Cheese Blintzes with Blueberry Topping

Posted by: jrt
A little work but well worth it! ... more

Cheese Noodle Pudding

Posted by: eliec
This is a variation on my wife's noodle pudding. Our boys love noodle pudding and will even eat it f ... more

Cheese Phyllo Squares

Posted by: eliec
This is a slightly simpler way to enjoy borekas -- if you don't enjoy folding over the phyllo, this ... more

Classic Cheese Blintzes

Posted by: jrt
These are great for Shavuot but also to break the fast after Yom Kippur. ... more

Lokshen Kugel

Posted by: jrt
Lokshen Kugel is Yiddish for "noodle pudding". It's a staple of Ashkenazi Jewish cooking. ... more

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