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Apple Sharbat (Milk Drink)

Posted by: jrt
Milk drink recipe from Morocco but is also popular throughout the Middle East and India. ... more

Boulettes de Poisson

Posted by: eliec
This is one of our favorite recipes and is a staple at holiday dinners, especially Passover. There a ... more

Chicken Pie (Moroccan B'Stilla)

Posted by: jrt
If you don't have a dutch oven, you can use a small roasting pan for the Moroccan standard. ... more

Easy Microwave Apricot Couscous

Posted by: jrt
This American variation on the traditional Moroccan couscous boasts a simple preparation and good fl ... more

Flank Steak wth Moroccan Spices

Posted by: jrt
Though it has a Moroccan flare, this recipe is an American preparation. Flavorful and satisfying. ... more

Herbed Mushrooms

Posted by: jrt
This North African dish has variations from Morocco or Algeria. You may omit the tomato and add seve ... more

Lamb Tagine with Dates and Pearl Onions

Posted by: jrt
This Arab dish was favored by the Jews of French Morocco. ... more

Moroccan Brisket

Posted by: eliec
Brisket is a common holiday dish -- it is easy to make and serves a large group. This Sephardi versi ... more

Moroccan Salad Dressing

Posted by: jrt
My Moroccan father makes a simpler version of this dressing, which he uses in every salad he makes. ... more

Moroccan Shredded Chicken Pastry (Bistilla)

Posted by: jrt
Bistilla is popular in North Africa, including Morocco. This recipe is kosher, replacing the butter ... more

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