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Avocado Salad
Ave. Rating is 5Posted by: jrt
Light salad makes a great meal starter. Cook time does not include boiling egg. ... more

Noodle Kugel
Ave. Rating is 4.6666666666667Posted by: schocron
This is the best noodle pudding ever. I make it and give it to my kids for breakfast before school ... more

Beef and Lentil Stew
Ave. Rating is 4Posted by: jrt
This dish requires little preparation. Use beef stew meat in place of ground beef for a variation. ... more

An Israeli Winter Casserole - Lamb shanks and root
Ave. Rating is 4Posted by: cookinisrael
Winter is not coming this year. The global changes in weather are sharply felt here in the Middle Ea ... more

Lemon Bars
Ave. Rating is 4Posted by: crunchy
I love these at the synagogue after shabbat services! ... more

Flourless Chocolate Cake
Ave. Rating is 3.5Posted by: schocron
Great dessert for any time of year, but also perfect for Passover. ... more

Eggplants With Raisin-Couscous Stuffing
Ave. Rating is 3Posted by: jrt
This is an interesting recipe of unknown heritage. ... more

Puff Pastry Pinwheels
Ave. Rating is 3Posted by: schocron
These are delicious sandwiches which can be used for a main meal or sliced small for appetizers. ... more

Butternut Latkes
Ave. Rating is 2Posted by: jrt
Not sure about the origin of this recipe. ... more

Sauteed Fish with Parsley Sauce
Ave. Rating is 0Posted by: jrt
Flavorful dish works well with different fish. ... more

Posted by:
Its a bake oven chicken topped with natural lemon juice mixed with with broccoli,carrots,celery,yell ... more

Halibut With Bell Peppers
Posted by:
The ingredients for this recipe call for herbs de Provence, which you can prepare yourself by combin ... more

Healthy Noodle Kugel
Posted by:
I have created a recipe that tastes sweet and delicious like it is supposed to, but it is much more ... more

Noodles Alfredo
Posted by:
Debbie Lyda
Creamy Dreamy ... more

Swedish Herring Salad
Posted by:
Given to me by a Jewish Swedish person! It's colorful and tasty. I have made it with the pickled he ... more

Beef Goulash with Couscous
Posted by:
I've replaced much of the margarine in this recipe with olive oil for a healthier version. Use a cou ... more

Garlic Chicken In Wine Sauce
Posted by:
Easy to make Israeli chicken recipe has loads of garlic and is healthy. This recipe provides a great ... more

Israeli Meatballs with Olives
Posted by:
The origin of this recipe isn't clear so we've listed it as "Other". The olives are salty so be sure ... more

French Onion Soup
Posted by:
This is a winter favorite in our house. I make french bread dough in the bread machine and make ind ... more

Marinara Sauce
Posted by:
Parve sauce goes well with any meal. Use whatever vegetables you have handy (or prefer). ... more