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Best Passover Brownies

Posted by: butterfly
This came off the box of Yehuda Cake Meal. It's one of the best brownies of its kind. My Tips : Chil ... more

Almond & Raisin Haroset

Posted by: jrt
... more

Almond Macaroons

Posted by: jrt
A nice treat during Passover. ... more

Almond Macaroons

Posted by: jrt
... more

Almond Macaroons

Posted by: jrt
Italian Jews were the first to adopt Macaroons for Passover since they required no flour. ... more

Amaretto and Macaroon Dessert

Posted by: jrt
Frozen dessert has nice flavor of almonds. Great for Passover but dessert is dairy. Prep time does n ... more

American Haroset

Posted by: jrt
An American version of the Passover fixture. Easy to make. ... more

American Sephardic Haroset Balls

Posted by: jrt
These haroset balls are a great way to make sure everyone at the table gets haroset! ... more

Apio (Celery)

Posted by: jrt
Sephardic recipe makes a nice side dish and was popular in Turkey on Passover. This recipe may have ... more

Apple Kugel for Pesach

Posted by: jrt
Recipe uses potato starch to make it Passover safe. ... more

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